Textile For All Seasons: Kamal Haasan Launches Own Khadi Label

Textile For All Seasons: Kamal Haasan Launches Own Khadi Label

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Thanks to the conscious evolution in the world of fashion over the last couple of years, khadi is not an unfamiliar term anymore. The fabric, which is closely associated with one of the defining events in India’s struggle for independence, had almost lost its existence in its purest form.

Any natural fabric, cotton, silk, jute or wool, hand-spun and handwoven, can be called khadi. It is a precious craft intertwined deeply with the story of this country and is highly sustainable compared to mill-made cloth. Additionally, it is vital to satisfy the textile demands of the market. Now it has become a part of mainstream conversations as brands and consumers in India are giving this humble fabric a modern makeover and embracing clothes made out of eco-friendly raw materials.

In a latest development, India’s iconic star Kamal Haasan has launched his own Khadi label on the occasion of Republic Day. A true prodigy and a powerhouse of sheer unadulterated talent, Haasan has caused a lot of buzz with his just-launched designer brand, KH House of Khaddar. Not only this, the multiple National Award winner also unveiled a fragrance line in Chicago, KH Memoir. The new clothing line is created to showcase khadi as a modern fabric to appeal to young consumers and simultaneously support the business of handloom weavers.

The actor, also a choreographer, singer, writer and director maintains that khadi has the potential to re-connect with people and takes pride in the fact that the label is contributing to uplift the country’s handloom weavers. Speaking on the launch of his clothing line, the cinema legend said, “Our first collection is not pompous. It answers questions like ‘What can khadi do for style and fashion?’ It can do all that linen can, and much more. “I do believe khadi is a textile for all seasons,” he was quoted by IANS as saying.

Designer and creative head of KH House of Khaddar, Amritha Ram also mentioned that through the brand, they want to send out the message that the three dimensions of sustainability: Economic Development, Social Development and Environmental Protection, are taken care of.

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