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Nunool is a great and modern Tamil grammar book from the 15th Century.
Nunool could also mean the good thread. Nunool is that thread in a message to our collective civilization towards a sustainable ecosystem of which we are also a part, however small.
We intend to magnify and dignify that message with style and panache.

When art and fashion combine, they become a topic of deep and stimulating conversation. Art urges us as designers to engage with unusual techniques and processes, and incorporate them into their design process.

Striking colours, emphatic brushwork, and curved structures define this collection.
One fabric that never goes out of style and you can wear in any season is the denim.
And hence we have woven the denim strands into the khaddar and thus the collection is called WARP AND WEFT.
Presenting globally Khaddar denim from KHHK.

This Spring-Summer 2022 collection comes with the change of perspective and a post pandemic mindset and thus we wanted to present it with renewed joy and
optimism in fashion and hence the bottom line to me as a designer was to MAKE IT POP.
This collection from KHHK is PANGEA which is the hypothetical landmass that existed when all continents were joined. In Today’s world we understand that the only things that can bring the continents together is Fashion and Art and thus we present to you Pangea.

With this Collection KHHK sets another sartorial trend and creates a blueprint in fashion by combining this thread of history with courtly opulence with modish ,elegant corseted gowns ,reinventing the historical sophistication of the Victorian era .

In this collection of ours we have chosen the hottest colour of 2022 PINK in an analogous colour pattern.

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KHHK puts together its next collection"LOOMINAIRE"which would be a parade of sartorial mastery.
This collection embraces comfort and boldness, giving a modern twist to classic suiting.

In short a perfect way to blend style and ease