At Kamal Haasan House of Khaddar, we are deeply committed to the art of crafting authentic handloom garments that seamlessly blend the rich tapestry of Indian heritage with modern Western designs and silhouettes. Our unique approach is built on direct collaboration with skilled weavers and artisan communities spanning the entire country, including block makers, printers, and clusters with G.I. certification.

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to infusing Western silhouettes with traditional Indian techniques. The Khaddar ensembles we curate at House of Khaddar offer a refreshing departure from the conventional perception of Khaddar as dull, monotonous, or overly traditional. We reject the ordinary to cast Khaddar in a new light, one that is both elegant and regal, yet firmly rooted in contemporary fashion.

Our mission extends beyond the mere showcasing of Khaddar's artistry; it's about redefining Khaddar's image, making it inherently appealing and relatable to today's urban market. We recognize our responsibility in nurturing a sustainable future for these artisan communities by introducing innovative products designed to captivate a diverse audience.

The essence of House of Khaddar lies in the seamless fusion of contemporary design with time-honored Khaddar weaves, whether it's in the cut, texture, or overall fit of our fabrics.
Khaddar Spirit