Making khadi Parisian chic

Making khadi Parisian chic


Kamal Haasan’s fashion line KH House of Khaddar that offers a modern spin on khadi to be showcased at Paris Fashion Week

Since its launch in November, Kamal Haasan’s fashion line, KH House of Khaddar, has gained attention for its honest intent. The idea behind the label is to modernise the indigenous textile and present it in a chic avatar to suit the youth’s sensibilities. In doing so, the brand aims to uplift the lives of handloom weavers in India. Haasan also intends to take khadi — a fabric synonymous with India — to the international audience, thus familiarising them with the country’s history. As a first step, KH House of Khaddar will be showcased at the Paris Fashion Week, which kicks off today. 

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