'I believe that khadi is a textile for all seasons,' says Kamal Haasan

'I believe that khadi is a textile for all seasons,' says Kamal Haasan

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Chennai: Kamal Haasan went live on January 26, Republic Day with his debut fashion line KH House of Khaddar. The superstar presented his clothing line at a function held in Chicago last year, but it is only now that he has launched the website, where, the products will only be available to be shipped in India.

Commenting on the launch of the website and his fashion label, the iconic superstar said, "Our first collection is not pompous. It answers questions like 'What can khadi do for style and fashion?' It can do all that linen can, and much more. When we launched our label, our collection was showcased in Chicago in fall 2021. It is the city of winds, and the temperatures were icy, but I could walk down in a three- piece khadi outfit, and its warmth held me up. I believe that khadi is a textile for all seasons."

 For the unversed, during the launch of the fashion label last year, a portion of the proceeds from pre-release product sales at the event was donated to Pivoting in Heels, a non-profit organization Haasan supports. 

Kamal Haasan's fashion label, in fact is one of the very first fashion brands which went on to show support for the New York's Fashion Sustainability bill. KH House of Khaddar is a pioneer in creating a 100 per cent eco brand and each fabric is hand-dyed with organic dyes. They brand boasts of having zero carbon footprints as they have zero chemical wastes.

In contemporary times, when fashion labels are continuously causing environmental damage, the bill, if passed, will hold all brands accountable. 

At that time, commenting on it, partner and designer for the brand Amritha Ram had said that they are proud to be associated with a brand that is an integral part of the green revolution. 

The designer had added, "I am grateful that Kamal Sir thought that I can shoulder the responsibility of taking an Indian fabric global. It is our endeavour to make khadi a pioneer in sustainability and we as a brand a wholly committed to the cause."

The whole concept behind KH House of Khaddar is to create a clothing brand that flaunts khadi as a textile. The generic image that Khadi holds is about to be shattered as KH House of Khaddar aims at showcasing the fabric in a modern avatar that will appeal to the youth. Apart from promotion khadi as the fashion choice for the next gen, it also attempts at creating jobs and uplifting the handloom weavers in India. 

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