On R-Day, Kamal Haasan makes a global pitch for khadi

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Megastar and Makkal Needhi Maiam founder Kamal Haasan says khadi, the banner of India’s freedom struggle, not only represents Indianness, but also is a fabric for all seasons. He maintains that it has the potential to re-connect with people and all it would take for it to happen is a good idea to cultivate this affinity.

The actor was speaking on the sidelines of the launch of his clothing line named ‘KH House of Khaddar’, which went live on the occasion of the 73rd Republic Day. Breaking the stereotype around the fabric, he says, “Our first collection is not pompous. It answers questions like ‘What can khadi do for style and fashion?’ It can do all that linen can, and much more.”

Recalling the launch of the label in Chicago in Fall 2021, he said: “It is the Windy City and the temperature there can turn icy, but I could walk down the streets in a three-piece khadi outfit, and its warmth held me up. I do believe khadi is a textile for all seasons.”

Commenting on the launch, Amritha Ram, designer and creative head of KH House of Khaddar, said: “I want to make sure that alongside presenting the designed element that would put KH House of Khaddar on the global map, we as a brand send out the message that we comprehensively take care of the three dimensions of sustainability: Economic Development, Social Development and Environmental Protection. That is my dream for Khadi.”

Talking about what separates khadi from others, Ram said; “The fluidity of the fabric! One can groom the fabric the way one wants to. It is raw, beautiful and all natural.”

The idea behind KH House of Khaddar is both to create a clothing line that flaunts khadi as a textile and to contribute to the uplift of the country’s handloom weavers.



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