KH House of Khaddar’s summer 2023 collection, Chaos, is all about statement dressing with khadi

KH House of Khaddar’s summer 2023 collection, Chaos, is all about statement dressing with khadi

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Kamal Haasan's 'sustainable' label KH House of Khaddar's summer '23 collection, Chaos, is a splash of striking colours and statement dressing. Creative director Amritha Ram has combined her love for Vincent van Gogh along with khadi to craft silhouettes like dresses, jackets, co-ord sets and 'gender-fluid' trousers. She chatted about putting the collection together. 

'Chaos' looks like a big party. What is the mood for the collection?

This collection ‘Chaos’ is actually a party because it was inspired by Van Gogh’s paintings. Van Gogh was known for his expressive use of brilliant colour and energetic strokes. With that as my inspiration, it’s gotta be a party and I’m glad my vision came through. 

What about Vincent van Gogh appeals to you?

Van Gogh is an artist loved by both art enthusiasts and critics alike. He is someone who would use a lot of abstraction. The kind of art he created has lived on through various spans of lifestyles, cultures, and ages. The Sunflower painting that he painted in such an abstract way has been an inspiration for many different interpretations. He is definitely a man who created an impression in people’s minds.

What is your idea of summer?

We live in a country where we have summer most of the year and you really learn to love the tropical nature of the place you live in. I really love summer because it’s so much fun. In terms of fashion, you can go all out and do so many things for a long time, round the year, whereas, there are places in the West, where you have summer, typically for three months, and you just don’t know what to do in those three months. But here, my idea of summer is bright colours, outdoors, mangoes, and a lot of experimentation with fashion. 

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