House of Khaddar by Kamal Hassan Introduces Warp & Weft

House of Khaddar by Kamal Hassan Introduces Warp & Weft

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After a notable launch of their first collection during Paris Fashion Week in March of this year, KH House of Khaddar is back with 'Warp & Weft', their most recent offering. The line employs a newly developed fabric, Khaddar Denim, which combines denim cotton with hand-spun khadi.

This range of athletic apparel is a ballet of contrasts: traditional but whimsical, provocative yet sensual, harsh yet soft. "Warp & Weft" is a collection that celebrates a return to the style of the year 2000. It involves a shift in perspective, focusing on the triumph of human connection after the epidemic. Joy and optimism are explored via a vibrant colour palette - fuschia for activism and neon green for strength are complemented by yellow for happiness and orange for remembrance.

Amritha Ram, the creative director of KH House of Khaddar, explains, "We find inspiration in individuals who pursue their aspirations with bravery and conviction, in those who determine their own path, and in those with an unquenchable enthusiasm for life. Each of us is the creator of our own tale; how you tell it is up to you, and this is how Kamal Hassan's House of Khaddar chooses to tell the world the story of Khaddar.

The 'Warp & Weft' collection by KHHK features separates-friendly miniskirts, bralettes, co-ord sets, dresses, jackets, and trousers. The varsity jacket, often known as the Letterman jacket, is one of this season's trademark trends. The varsity style goes back to the 1930s, and the patches-adorned jacket has historically represented the institution's letters.

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